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10/27/2003 - Arbitech, LLC Continues Local Community Support Through Donation to Laguna Beach High School.

Arbitech, LLC, the leading independent distributor of computer products, continued its support of the local Laguna Beach community by donating a variety of computer products to Laguna Beach High School. The donation included items such as computer systems, monitors, keyboards and screen protectors which were given to support the school’s continued modernization efforts.

Laguna Beach High School’s Pam Mackay applauded the donation stating “as we continue to utilize technology in the classroom, having the support of a local business who can help us keep abreast of new technology and assist in its procurement is a tremendous benefit to the school, its students and the local community.”

Arbitech’s CEO, Torin Pavia, notes “Arbitech has always been a strong supporter of the local community and this most recent donation to Laguna Beach High School will help students to learn technology which will assist them in their future development and community involvement.”

Previous donations made by Arbitech include 15 flat screen monitors given in 2002 to the Laguna Beach Police and Fire Departments and the donation of several computer systems to The Elite Athletic Club in the South Bay, a group whose charter is to provide a place for the youth of the South Bay areas to train and participate in numerous sports activities.

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