What is Arbitech, and where is the company located?
Arbitech is the world’s leading independent distributor of data center focused computer products. We operate independently from the manufacturers whose products we carry, and are located in the heart of Irvine. Contact us here.

Who ensures Arbitech meets its commitments to its partners?
Each team member at Arbitech is dedicated to ensuring that we meet our commitments to our partners

What products does Arbitech specialize in?
Arbitech specializes in server, storage, networking, software, power, VoIP and mobile computing products. We offer solutions including server virtualization, VDI and surveillence.

What manufacturers does Arbitech specialize in?
Arbitech has access to and inventories of most major IT data center and business product manufacturers.

Does Arbitech inventory the products it sells?
Yes, we inventory a vast selection of the products we sell. We also have access to our suppliers’ inventories around the world.

How does Arbitech differentiate itself from its competition?
Arbitech competes with a variety of companies, from large National distributors, to brokers and other independent distributors. Across this spectrum, we differentiate our business by providing competitive pricing, extensive inventory, diversity in our supply chain, unparallelled customer service, strong quality control, financing terms, and free shipping on most orders.

Does Arbitech have a customer incentive program?
Arbitech offers a customer incentive program based on certain thresholds. The incentive program is administered through a reloadable Visa card (Arbigold); or gift cards from Starbucks, BestBuy or American Express; in compliance with all income tax reporting requirements and subject to established limits. For more information, please call your assigned account executive.

How is Arbitech a complement to my other distributors?
If a partner is using exclusively large North America-based distributors, then they are exposing themselves to supply chain risk. If products become constrained or obsolete, Arbitech pulls products from other regions and other sources which can help partners meet delivery dates for their customers when others cannot. We offer discounts up front, with no paperwork. We also offer free pre-and post-sales engineer support and free configuration services completed significantly sooner than the traditional channel.

When should I use Arbitech?
Partners use Arbitech for many reasons:

  • When a partner needs a better price without additional administrative burdens
  • When a customer needs product by a specific delivery date
  • When the rest of the traditional channel is allocated or constrained

Does Arbitech support multiple payment options?
Yes, the majority of our partners receive Net 30 terms, and we also have the ability to accept COD, wire transfer, cashier’s check, company check, and major credit cards. In addition, we have relationships with the major flooring companies, including IBM, GE, Castle Pines Capital and Global Technology.

How do I set up an account with Arbitech?
You can contact our sales department to establish an account. The process is simple, just complete a credit application. We then verify your credit history and establish Net terms when possible. If you are a California business, we also will need you to furnish your reseller certificate.

How do I receive price quotes from Arbitech?
Your dedicated sales team will be responsible for your request for quote (RFQ). In addition, you can get connected through our website, or by establishing a direct EDI or XML feed. Your account team also is available to you by email, instant messanger or phone.

How quickly can you fulfill an order?
The majority of our orders are fulfilled the same day. In the event your product is not available from stock, your representative will provide you with a reliable estimated time of arrival.

Which carriers do you use for shipping?
Arbitech uses UPS for the majority of shipments and provides online order tracking for UPS and FedEx shipments.

Do you include free shipping on your orders?
Arbitech includes free ground shipping on almost all orders, regardless of the order amount. The only exceptions are extraordinarily heavy and bulky items. In the event you require expedited delivery, your sales representative will discuss any additional charges with you.

Do you offer blind drop-shipping?
We offer free blind drop-shipping directly to end users, enabling our partners to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently to their customers. All shipments from Arbitech, whether or not designated “blind,” leave the warehouse without any reference to Arbitech on the packaging, packing slip or other material, which eliminates the possibility for error.

Can you ship internationally?
Yes, we have many international clients and work with several international shipping companies and freight forwarders to ensure competitive pricing and reliable delivery.

How do you deal with RMAs?
Arbitech prides itself on a liberal returned merchandise authorization (RMA) policy. Any product that is dead on arrival (DOA) will be replaced immediately, usually by cross-shipment of a new product to you or your customer. Any other products that need to be returned are subject to Arbitech’s official RMA policy.

Does Arbitech offer EDI or XML document trading?
Yes, Arbitech supports both formats.