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07/02/2018 - Arbitech Launches a Systems Builder Initiative for Physical Security and Custom Appliances

Arbitech, LLC (Arbitech), in partnership with major manufacturers, has launched a program to build custom appliances for physical security and other specialized applications.

In partnership with major manufacturers, Arbitech has access to high-quality and well-priced servers and workstations that become the platform on which the appliances are built. Arbitech's engineers customize each appliance to meet the needs of the particular application, be it video monitoring software (VMS) for security, healthcare practice management software for medical professionals, or some other vertical that requires specialized solutions.

In the physical security vertical, Arbitech has already achieved strong success in providing security appliances, cameras and switches for major casinos in Las Vegas and other companies in the security vertical. Arbitech is authorized by Milestone, the world's leading VMS, to build customized appliances. Arbitech also has access to the leading manufacturers in security cameras.

Frank Llaca, CEO and President of the Company stated, “This initiative marks an exciting time for the Company. As Arbitech continues to redefine itself and fill the ever changing needs of its customers, the Company is actively pursuing new strategic initiatives. By partnering with distinguished and successful manufacturers to provide a complete solution, Arbitech anticipates fulfilling the requirements of its expanding customer base for years to come.” Mr. Jimmy Whalen, EVP of Strategic Initiatives, stated, “This initiative is the product of many years of research and development. Our success has led to our partners and customers supporting this endeavor and establishing the groundwork for continued success.”

Arbitech leverages its OEM relationships, coupled with its global sourcing expertise, to provide resellers, system integrators, and end users with the ability to procure customized security solutions through one trusted source. With pre and post-sales support, Arbitech is providing its customers “one stop shopping” in this arena.

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