EDI/XML Connectivity

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
XML – eXtensible Markup Language

Arbitech offers full electronic integration via electronic data interchange (EDI) or eXtensible markup language (XML), but more than anything we pride ourselves in giving you the personal attention that you deserve. To be considered for EDI or XML, please contact your sales representative. We have successfully integrated price and availability files using XML with CNET/ChannelOnline, QuoteWerks and Quosal.

Documents available to trade:

110 Freight Invoice
180 RMA Notification
210 Freight Invoice
214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
820 Payment Remittance
832 Price Catalog
845 Credit Approval Response
846 Inventory Advice
850 Purchase Order Price Availability Request
855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
856 Advanced Shipment Notice
860 Purchase Order Change Request
870 Order Status Report

180 RMA Response
810 Invoice
832 Price Catalog
845 Credit Approval Request
846 Inventory Advice
855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
856 Advanced Shipping Notice
865 Purchase Order Change Response
870 Order Status Report

XML (real-time)
Tracking Request\Response
Invoice\Credit Memo Request\Response (in development)
Order Status Request\Response (in development)
Price and Availability Request\Response
Purchase Order Request\Response

XML (via FTP)
Price and Availability
Tracking Notices
Invoice\Credit Memo
Advance Tracking Notices

Pricing and Inventory files are also available via a .csv file.